Sowing Seeds For Change

Everything in the universe affects everything else. The universe is dynamic, alive, and very connected. Whether you’re spiritual or not, whether you believe in the mind-body connection or think it’s a load of New Age mumbo-jumbo, this book can change your life. Sowing the Seeds for Change: Mastering the Skill to Ultimate Thinking is a down-to-earth, practical approach to tapping into your inner strengths. Everything you need is already inside you, and this book tells you exactly how to access your power within to transform yourself. Here’s just a taste of what you will learn:


  • Catching the “I-Love-Me” disease
  • Overcome childhood programming
  • Conquer your fears
  • Break the chains of trauma
  • Discover why there is no such thing as bad luck


This 163 page ebook comes in pdf format and is available for immediate download for $37.00.